Making VSCode As Comfy As Jogging Pants – The Cursor Part

Cursors are really powerful in VSCode, and it got me to start using the keyboard way less, and I want to share some of these tips.nb: I mention ctrl since I'm using a windows machine, but these shortcuts will work the same on a mac with the cmd key. Multi-selection Let's start with an easy [...]

Making VSCode As Comfy As Jogging Pants – The Emmets Part

In this post I want to help developers save time by offloading some tasks to the background process of their brain. like before in VSCode Emmets Emmet abbreviation and snippet expansions are enabled by default in html, haml, jade, slim, jsx, xml, xsl, css, scss, sass, less and stylus files. As well as any language [...]

Making VSCode As Comfy As Jogging Pants – The Looks Part

As developers we spend a lot of time in our editors. Today I wanna share some tips to get us comfortable in the place a lot developers in 2019 are spending time in, VSCode. The Looks The holy trinity of getting your editor to feel comfortable visually are the colours, icons and font, you can [...]

SignalR for Unity3D to Universal App communication Part 1

Recently, I have been working on my bachelor's thesis. The project required my Universal Windows library to communicate with my Unity3D project; direct communication was not an option due to .Net version Unity is using and its incompatibility with Band SDK. I did some research and stumbled upon SignalR. Basically, SignalR is two-way, client-server communication framework, it implements the connection boilerplate for you and uses [...]

Hello Worlds;

A lot of excitement, rants and experiences wanted to make it to my first blog post, but a current goal with strong momentum seemed more fitting. I have always confronted my mesmerisation of different cultures; Interactions of people from various backgrounds offered me great insights to life, but I was still being kept in the dark in wonder about "what's [...]